Agents of Change…

January 10, 2009

Personal Info
I am Bernadus Nanang Dwi Nuryanto from Technique Machine Industry mainstream in ATMI Surakarta. I am member of a young generation who has experience about mechanical and manufacturing.
I joined the I-CELL because it’s a challenge. One of many ways to reach my dreams. I will be an entrepreneur who is leading a company. I want to learn whatever about business – especially how to be a leader in business and how to build a new business.

I-CELL Experience
This picture shows one of the daily activities in I-CELL. I feel good with this picture because I think it gives me some inspiration to do good work.





The synergy happens in this room:
Different people, different background, different characteristics and intellectual background. All of us working together to achieve one goal… It is SUCCESS.

I know I cannot work without the collueges of my team. I always learn from them and get new experience. Especially for some topics that I don’t know how to do myself. From feedback of other people, like the management team or my team members I hope I can develop myself.

From this small community like in the picture I want to make a BIG CHANGE in the future. Because:

To make our dream become true: A biofuel company in Indonesia.

January 7, 2009

Personal Info
I am Edwin Kurniawan from Manufacture Engineering of POLMAN Bandung (Bandung Polytechnic for Manufacturing). My background is manufacturing studies in tool making. My dream is starting and growing up a business, and to become a CEO of a company.

I joined I-CELL because of I believe in I-CELL, I can learn more about business. So, hopefully later, I can realize my dream.

I-CELL Experience
This picture below is taken at the beginning of our adventure in I-CELL (Innovation Cell). I-CELL has three project teams which include: BIOFUEL talent, SEAWEED talent and WASTE-TREATMENT talent. I am member of the BIOFUEL team; the one person who is wearing the white T-shirt in right side of the picture.


This picture is one of my favorite pictures that were made during the I-CELL experience. We are playing a game named “magic stick”. This game is played with all member of my team including 5 people. And this 5 people have to bring the stick from above to the ground our two “point finger”. This made us learn that as a team we must have full concentration to bring the stick to the goal.

About my learning in I-CELL so far
I’ve learned so many things after almost 2 months here in I-CELL. There are 6 steps or milestones to achieve in I-CELL: The first step is the introduction and team building season, the milestone of this season is Team. We get the solid team in I-CELL. The second is the problem season, the milestones is problem analysis. We analyze the problems of your challenge; everything about biofuel, we made a brainstorming to make the analysis of problem, and then we made a report to our sponsor company. The third step is Idea season. Here we have to get the one idea to bring to the plan season. The fourth step is Planning season, and the fifth step is Development season, and the last is Expo.

This was interested for me: To work together although this was our first meeting during the first phase of I-CELL with was “Introduction and Team Building”. We feel that we were very successful to build our team.

The formation of my team
Our team is consisting of 5 people, from different universities and colleges. My team members are Alfonsus Arista Tefa from Design Machine ATMI Surakarta as a mechanical talent, Anselmus Hendra Krist from International Business Management Unika Atmajaya Yogyakarta, Budi Tjahjono from Chemical Engineering UNS Solo as a chemical talent, Eni Rohkayati from Biology UNS Solo and me, Edwin Kurniawan from Manufacture Engineering Polman Bandung.

During the process of our activities, we made a structure or formation in some kind of hierarchy. As a team leader, me – Edwin Kurniawan. As a research and development manager, Mr. Alfonsus Arista Tefa; as a FAME research manager, Mr. Budi Tjahjono; as a TVP research manager, Mrs. Eni Rohkayati, and as the business manager, Mr. Anselmus Hendra Kris.
We work together for the training in I-CELL for 4 months. And we hope that we can make our dream to become true:

Starting up a biofuel company in Indonesia.

A big book full with graphics and letters with lessons learned in I-CELL

January 7, 2009

Personal Info
My name is Alfonsus Arista Tefa. People often call me Poponk, that’s my nickname. I myself don’t know exactly why People call me Poponk. But that’s no problem. For me it’s more important to show the worlds who I am than knowing why I am called as I am now.
I studied in ATMI, Major in Mechatronic, Minor in Mechatronic Design.  After I graduated in 2007 I worked in ATMI as Instructor in the fields of Product Design and Development, Production Application, and furthermore I assisted on automatic lessons like PLC Programming and Pneumatic.
I like singing, writing a poet and organizing people. Someday I hope I will have my own venture, besides keep on with my studies and becoming professor, hopefully.

For me I-CELL is a new challenge. Like other challenges, I-CELL gives me the best chance to improve my abilities and show myself about my performance. That’s why I did decide to join I-CELL as a Mechanical Talent in the Biofuel Team.

My life – my never ending completion – my straight way to perfection.







My I-CELL Experience
This picture was taken by my teammate when we all joined in a Research Training. We get a lot of training in I-CELL. Some training good enough. Other training cannot be better, due to the background of the teaching and the way to give us the lessons to be learned. As far as I remember, this picture was taken when the trainer started to tell us about some chemical reaction; some “very complicated-frustrated” chemical reaction… He… as I was studying and working in mechanical area this was too weird for me.  The same held true for the other talent; except for our chemical talent.

But, honestly… after a while now, we – the three groups of talent: Mechanical, Chemical, and Business, we get to known to each other.
We see the other background of study, the other way of thinking, the other paradigm…
What a wonderful world…

What I’ve learned so far…
I could make a big book full with graphic and letter if I wanted to describe all lessons learned in I-CELL. There’s so much learning about Innovation Management (the phase, the discipline, the time), I receive huge amount of information and coaching about innovation. The members of our beloved I-CELL management team (Mas Amba…, Mas Felix, Mbak, Dian , Pak Bambang) help us to stand up with all their experience. Our Mentors and Trainers… Briefly they are training in fields of Innovation Management, Product Development, Project Management, Orientation, Presentation Technique, beside all of being disciplined with time when working and all the motivation we receive from them…

The “right brained team”…

January 5, 2009

Personal Info
Hello, my name is Anselmus Hendra Kristianto Nugroho. My friend used to call me Kris. I come from Atma Jaya Yogyakarta University from International Business Management Program (IBMP). I am still an undergraduate. I joined this I-CELL program because I feel that it is a free charge practice chance for me to implement my knowledge from university. I get a free and useful training, free living in a boarding house, getting a great opportunity to build my own business, try to feel how it is to be a manager, and the most important for me is being paid.

My Dreams

Actually I had been attracted by this I-CELL program because I have a dream to make my own company that addresses the problems that I have in my daily life. One is the fuel consumption. I was very glad when I got this opportunity to attend the I-CELL recruiting interview.  I said that I have the dream that one day my motorcycle will run with nothing else but water. Well, my dream did not come true yet, but my other dream – to start-up a new company related to fuel becomes true here.
Thanks to ATMI, GTZ, and DED that give me opportunity to join in this innovation program.


Right Brained Team: The Bio-fuel Team!

By the way… I’m integrated in the most talkative team: The Bio-Fuel Team!

We are the only team that has only 1 girl out of 5 people on the team. At the first time I met the other four people I felt that I’m nothing. Because from their faces, they appeared to me like “the professors” from each of their fields of study. They were very polite and very quiet at that time. And they looked like they would have much more experience than me. Well, it is not wrong but not right also.

This team is very different since the first day. We always try to give our best in every aspect of our daily activities so that we can overcome any obstacle easier.  Well – not easily. But easier. Yes, we know each other very well. We share, we laugh, and all of us are clowns. It is very rare to find the Biofuel team in bad mood. It is because we stay close together, cheer each other and give spirit to each other anytime, anywhere, by anything.
I Love You Guys!

Being prepared. Every time and every day…

January 4, 2009

Personal Info
I’m Shelawati Wahono, fresh graduate from Atma Jaya University Yogyakarta, majoring in Industrial Engineering. My dream is have my own fashion company, start with the textile till the garment… Well, I do love fashion and all the glamorous thing. I think joining in I-CELL is a big opportunity for me to study about how to make a business and innovation.

We are learning about being professional which we never learned in the college. We have a big opportunity to meet with great people in here. That’s why I’m very glad to join with I-CELL Team, especially with the Waste Treatment Team.
I might have entered a new world which I’ve never learned about before. But it’s very interesting because our project came from a real industrial problem. So, my project might help a lot of companies if it’s successful in the end. I guess that my team was the underdog one, but I am sure… that it’s the best project.

I-CELL Experience
This picture was made after idea meeting with company sponsor at Dec 5th 2008 9 pm. We were very stressful that night, so we did crazy things to charm our selves. We took photographs of our team. It varies from the serious style, stupid style, crazy style, and other cannot be published. This picture is my favorite one because they use my ‘Bangau Style’.


The Shocking Day
Monday, Dec 1st 2008 was the most shocking day in I-CELL for me. I could name it “Shocking Monday”.
Our team has planned to have a meeting with the Environment Local Government at Tuesday. I did send a Short Message Service (SMS) to The Chief. And an hour later, I got a call from him. He said that this day he had planned the meeting at 01:00 pm in the Mayor’s Office. Soon we talked to the management team and we prepared a presentation. The most foolish thing that day was that I didn’t dress well. But I was the PIC (person in charge) for the presentation. I was so embarrassed, but still proud of myself.
What I’ve learned from that day is that we should dress well every time – every day. See, fashion is everything… hehe… In other words:

We should be well-prepared in everything if we want to be professional person.

Every problem can be solved if we think fresh!

January 4, 2009

Hello friend,


this is me. I would not change to be another person. Never do like other ones. Me, with all my ideology and idealism. It’s the real my life: Adventure, traveling, and research. I’m concerned about pharmacogenetic; genetic of medicine. The material of my research is especially from marine.

In the I-CELL challenge I have a position of chemical talent. I have a dream to become a researcher, to look for medicine against cancers; fight the HIV/AIDS, examining all of epidemic diseases. Another dream… oh yeah, I expect one day go to Germany. This is my dream country.


When I took this picture, I had been confused for the last time. The Idea season took more energy than I’ve expected before. I like this picture, because I get new spirit when I look at it. Every problem can be solved if we think fresh!

This is the moment after finishing the idea report and idea presentation for our sponsor company. I felt so tired, my mind filled with big stones. When I looked at my computer, an idea came. Suddenly I turn on ACD see Pro and took this picture. I just took this – my little great moment to remind me about in other time.


My team….

May be we are the real crazy and freaky team. But I like this situation a lot. I never get stressed (I hope). Just, I don’t like if somebody is saying something with bad intention. I don’t like. It’s not my behavior.
In the I-CELL I’m making a great experience. Especially all about management. This is a new experience in my life; a very important one. If I should describe all of this experience: This is a wonderful experience!

In I-CELL, I am applying my knowledge to build a business. If someone asks me: “Why did you join with I-CELL?” I would say: “I expected to get more experience to start up a business, to apply my knowledge to business.”

How about you???

Recharge your energy!

January 3, 2009

Personal Info
I am Alexandros Kris Andrianto from Biotechnology Dept. of Atma Jaya Yogyakarta University. My background is in chemical fields. My dream is leading my own business. I joined I-CELL because I think I can make new experience in many fields.

About my I-CELL Experience
My most important learning so far was to experience about how to see the main problem & how to solve it. How to generate a good idea. And how to manage something.
This picture I took on December 15, 2008. I’m so proud and respect to all my friends in my backside, that  still work even though lunch time. Guys don’t forget that you (all) need to recharge your energy! So “eat …. eat …. eat & eat …. !!!”

“It’s time for lunch, guys…!”